Friday, November 5, 2010


hey blog, its been awhile. i know i've been abandoning you...
im sorry. today i cry again. and yesterday. and maybe back then when i dunno why the hell i cry. its like an auto reflexes that i cant avoid. i know i always been a cryer in the dark but lately its out of control. even the simplest words touched me and tear jerked me! its exhausting me. making me feel like its going to be that way again and again. crying doesn't mean sad rite? it cud be a lot of other things but for me its for nothing. its like the reason to cry is when the deepest, softest part of me has been touched, has been disturbed. the bright side of it, it goes to show that i have feelings, im not feelingless like i thought i was. the darkside of it, someone somewhere thinks its them to blame. its not. maybe they trigger it but the rest, elaborating this part was entirely me. see me babbling nonesensely. i hate tis cuz i ruined everything.

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